THEME 2023


from Friday 28 April 2023 to Monday 1 May 2023

Our wonderful God created man, then woman.

In His perfect design, He placed upon them specific values ​​and roles..

Let's take the time together to revisit our original identities, to root ourselves in His plans, to realize that He has planned everything, that His precepts are still valid today and until the end of time.

How to Be Men and Women After God's Heart in 2023 ?

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Theme 2022 : « Live your life now ! » 


 « If you are looking to develop your relationships and especially who you are. If you're looking to find people who truly have deep faith, then Date Weekend is the place to be. » 
« It is a moment with God which is very good, where we can recharge our batteries and know other people who are in the same situation. »
« It was a very enriching and refreshing moment where you discover the other and learn a little more about yourself through the eyes of the other. It was certainly short but intense. With a team of organizers who are on top and super benevolent, reassuring, listening to us and listening to God. Personally, I think that if we were able to share this moment it is not the result of chance because God wanted us exactly there at this precise moment. He has a definite plan for each of us. »
« It was a particularly blessed time. I really felt encouraged by God to grow in fellowship in general. »
« I had a priori about this type of weekend, but they quickly dissipated. I felt welcomed and surrounded, all the participants were in the same state of mind. No embarrassing moment, there was a very good atmosphere. I met great people, it allowed me to broaden my knowledge in my region and surroundings, girls and boys who love God and who share the same values. The results are more than positive, thank you to the organizers for this great initiative ! » 
« DATE with God was a very encouraging weekend for me to continue to draw closer to God knowing that I am not alone in this season. Thank you to the organizers who listened to the voice of God while thinking of us, who are currently in the season of celibacy. Thank you for their encouragement to walk in sanctification ! »

Theme 2020 : « Cultivate your garden » 


« This “Date with God” weekend has been very rewarding for me! I was very touched by the sparkling team who pampered us through times of sharing, entertainment, prayers, testimonies, relaxation, in a superb setting! The opportunity to exchange with other Christians, living the same season as us, on our faith, our joys, our concerns, our projects... and to leave strengthened ! » 
«I was not convinced at first by this weekend, because I expected something artificial and a little forced. In fact it was first a weekend filled with the presence and love of God, with organizers who seek the thought of God. It was also of course the opportunity to meet new people, in all simplicity and good humor. 🙂 »